Zombocalypsis Description:

You are taking part in a dangerous survival show. Smash, shoot and crush the crowds of bloodthirsty zombies. Upgrade your car buying a variety of power-ups and weapons. In oder to survive you must be quicker then death!


W or up arrow – accelerate.
S or down arrow – brake.
A,D or left and right arrows – steer.
Space or Ctrl – handbrake.

Aim with MOUSE.
Shot with Left mouse button.
To reload, press R.
To switch between main and alternative weapon use Shift.

Use Shop to buy weapons and upgrades. Switch between shop tabs using “WEAPON”, “PASSIVE” and “TUNING” buttons. To buy shop item, select it and press “BUY”.

To change weapon, enter Shop and press “UP” or “DOWN” buttons in the inventory. Press “UPGRD” button to upgrade selected weapon. Press “EQUIP” to install selected weapon.

In-game, press P to pause.
To win a level, you have to kill all zombies. You gain money for each kill. To earn maximum score, smash zombies by vehicle instead of using a weapon. Smash several zombies in a row to receive KILL BONUS and earn extra score.


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