Stream Fighter

Stream Fighter Description:

Bodyboard actiongame.
Perform acrobatic bodyboard tricks on an artificial wave!


Cursor key left: spins your bodyboarder to the left, around his axis
Cursor key right: spins your bodyboarder to the right, around his axis
Keeping this key pressed will cause full 360° spins!!! Try It!

Cursor key up: causes your bodyboarder to do a small jump! Good for catching the Times Two Multiplier icon and can make you jump sharkfins!";

Execute tricks by collecting trick-icons! There are two types of tricks:

- JUMP TRICKS: A Jump Trick enables you to collect the Times Two Multiplier while executing the trick and jump over sharkfins! Jump Tricks are fairly easy to control.

-BALANCE TRICKS: during a Balance Trick you won't be able to jump, so sharkfins will be a threath! During Balance Tricks it's easy to loose control, so stay cool!!!

-Spins (one or more full circles around your axis) are executable at all times. Even during a Jump or Balance Trick! But there is a difference! During a trick you will see an arrow around you, showing you in which direction you're spinning. During a spin the current will push you up, towards the dangerzone, so make sure you start to spin as low as possible!


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