Scurvey Sanchez Racing

Scurvey Sanchez Racing Description:

This is a racing game starring characters from the "One Hand Writers" Scurvey Sanchez series of games.

Chose 1 racers out of 8 different characters and compete to reach first place.

Earn coins to unlock new areas and various power ups.
Race trough 3 different modes: Race, Time Attack and Coin Collect


The goal is to get into first place in each race as well as gathering as many coins as you can.

Purple coins will give you boost in speed while with yellow coins you can buy parts at shop and unlock new areas. As the game auto-saves you can return and continue playing from the place you have stopped.

Hold Ctrl to accelerate the car, and arrow keys to move on the road. Try avoiding your opponents as they knock you out if you touch them as well as avoiding all various road obstcles


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